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AUGUST 8, 1980

Trooper   James   A.   Kelly,   Jr.   was   killed   by   a   drunk   driver   in   a   traffic   accident   on August   8,   1980   on   Route   9W   in   the   Town   of   Highlands.   He   was   31   years   old.     Trooper   Kelly   served   in   the   U.S.   Navy   before   joining   the   New   York   City   Police Department   where   he   worked   in   the   40th   precinct   for   four   (4)   years   prior   to   joining the   State   Police   in   September   1977.      He   was   assigned   to   the   Newburgh   barracks at the time of his death.


MAY 31, 2000

Trooper Truscott   M.   Kelly   was   tragically   killed   when   the   State   Police   vehicle   he   was driving   was   struck   by   another   vehicle.      The   accident   occurred   on   State   Route   28   in the   Town   of   Hurley,   Ulster   County.      Trooper   Kelly   was   a   22-year   veteran   of   the State   Police   who   had   been   assigned   to   the   Kingston   station   for   his   entire   career. He   epitomized   the   term   community   policing.      Trooper   Kelly   was   an   avid   runner   and cyclist.      He   had   been,   for   a   number   of   years,   the   coordinator   of   the   Police   Torch Run for the Special Olympics in Ulster County.


MAY 31, 2000

Trooper   Kenneth   A.   Poormon   was   tragically   killed   alongside   Trooper   T.   Michael Kelly   as   they   rode   together,   and   were   killed   in   the   same   accident   on   State   Route 28   in   the   Town   of   Hurley,   Ulster   County.      Trooper   Poormon   served   one   year   with the   State   Police.   He   was   23   years   old.   He   graduated   at   the   top   of   his   Academy class    in    November    1999    and    he    trained    in   Troop    E.    In    March    2000    he    was transferred to Troop F and assigned to SP Kingston.


AUGUST 16, 2006

On August   16,   2006   Trooper   John   J.   McKenna   IV   was   serving   as   a   Captain   in   the United   States   Marine   Corps   with   the   2nd   Battalion,   Fox   Company   Marines   on patrol   in   Iraq   in   search   of   insurgent   terrorists.      His   patrol   came   under   sniper   fire which   felled   Lance   Corporal   Michael   Glover.      In   the   midst   of   the   ensuing   firefight, Captain   McKenna   heroically   ran   to   the   aid   of   his   fellow   Marine.      Captain   McKenna was   fatally   shot   while   engaged   in   this   effort.      At   the   time   of   his   death   USMC Captain   McKenna   was   a   Trooper   assigned   to   the   Kingston   Barracks,   Troop   F.         He was a dedicated member of the New York State Police since Feb. 14, 2005.