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The Kelly Memorial Police Chase

Since 1978 the New York State Police and/or the New York State Trooper Foundation have sponsored the Police Chase. The Police Chase is a benefit athletic event held in Orange County, NY (Montgomery currently). The proceeds of the event go to defray the education costs for children of New York State Troopers who were killed in the line of duty. The event has evolved currently into a 10K road race, 5K road race, 5 event chase challenge (bench press, pull ups, 100 yd dash, shot put throw, and 5K run), and a children's fun run. It is a family event with a free BBQ for all people who attend. In 1978 a group of State Police members decided to organize and sponsor the Police Chase. One of the original members of the "Police Chase" organizing committee was Trooper James A. Kelly. Trooper Jim Kelly attended the NYS Police Academy in 1977 and was assigned roommate Trooper T. Michael Kelly. Trooper Mike Kelly has competed in the Police Chase numerous times and is an 11 time winner of the 10K. The Police Chase started out as strictly a 10K road race at Stewart Airport for law enforcement only. It has evolved into adding a 5K road race in the 1990's and adding the 5 event Chase Challenge in 2012. All the current events allow law enforcement and the general public to enter. On August 8, 1980, Trooper Jim Kelly was struck by a drunk driver on ST 9W in the Town of Cornwall while in a Troop Car on patrol and killed. On May 31, 2000, Trooper Mike Kelly and his partner, Trooper Kenneth Poormon, where struck by a tractor trailer on ST 28 in Hurley while pursuing a speeder and killed. The race was run in memory of Trooper Jim Kelly after he died and was renamed the Kelly Memorial Police Chase after Trooper Mike Kelly died in memory of both Troopers and their sacrifice. Both Troopers have sons who have gone on to become New York State Troopers and are currently involved in the organizing of this event. In 1997 Trooper Jim Kelly's son, Christopher Kelly, entered the State Police Academy and became part of the New York State Police. In 2007 Trooper Mike Kelly's son, Sean Kelly, entered the State Police Academy and became part of the New York State Police