Kelly Memorial Police Chase

The 39th Annual “Kelly Memorial” Police Chase will be held on Sunday,

October 2nd, 2016.

Similar to last year, we will be hosting a 5K, 10K, and the Fun Run. In addition, this year will incorporate the 19 Mile Bike Ride.
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It’s a Tradition

Once a year members of the New York State Troopers take time out of our busy

schedule to enjoy food, conversation, and a little athletic competitiveness with

fellow members of the community.  Most of all however, we join  together to honor

our fallen brothers.  Founded with the passing of Jim Kelly in the line of duty,

renewed with vigor at the passing of Mike Kelly also in the line of duty, this race

stands as a testament to our loyalty to fallen kin.

We Welcome You

Bring your kids, your family, new runners, old runners, bring everyone.  Enjoy free grilling and sandwhiches after the race.  Enjoy the scenery of the Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  Bring your family to spend the day.  Hosted by the state police, it’s a great event to bring younger runners to.